Shannon's P.U.C.

~ Tucker ~


June 23, 2007 - February 5, 2014

Brunsummerheide, 04-09-2010

Tucker, Ono and Noah

Noah, Ono and Tucker


Sittard Klassiek Classic Cars Tour, September 12, 2010


Tucker and Noah


Tucker and Rosina


Tucker was born on June 23, 2007; and his breeder is
Rosa Yokopenic from Shannon's Kennel (USA)

We are extremely proud to announce that our lovely male Shannon P.U.C., known as Tucker, has arrived!!

The transition to his new family went extremely well, not the least because Rosa spent two weeks with us before she left to go back home. We can hardly express how happy we are with our little Tukkie!

We feel blessed with the knowledge that our friend Rosa Yokopenic entrusts us with one of her Chins.

Tucker and Rosa