Fortune Dogs

Fortune Dogs is a Japanese comic, created by Shuji Kishihara and Yasuharu Tomono; it appeared as an anime serie on TV from April 2002 till March 2003.

The comic/series tells the story of a young French Bulldog residing at the Happy Kennels, who is adopted by a girl named Ai. Ai takes Alex home and reads to him every day from a book called The Adventures of Freddy, about a dog looking for the Fortune Tree. One day Alex gets seperated from Ai when he mistakingly follows the wrong girl, and he gets lost. He takes on the name Freddy and starts looking for Ai. However, before he can return to her, Alex/Freddy and his new found friends have to find the Fortune Tree before it dies. Should the tree die, all humans would loose their compassion and good will, and would stop caring about their pets.

One of the friends who Alex/Freddy meets, is a little Japanese Chin called Himechin. In the series Himechin is voiced by Japanese voice actress Rie Kugimiya.

Himechin appears in the intro to the show, at the end (1:25)

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