2012 tells the story of how writer/limo driver Jackson Curtis discovers a conspiracy theorist's claims about the end of the world being near are true, and of how he embarks on a journey to get him, his family and his boss' family on specially government-designed ships in order to survive.

The boss' girlfriend brings along her dog, a Japanese Chin named Ceasar.

Two Japanese Chins were alternated in the role of Ceasar. The film company is very adamant to stress the fact the dogs were handled properly during the entire shoot. Actors and canine's got more than enough time to get to know each other (and get comfortable with each other) and the actors were properly instructed on how to handle the dogs. Trainers were nearby at all times and tricks like barking, walking, and staying put were cued by trainers. Extra safety precautions were taken during stunt scenes, like for instance the scene where Ceasar walks along the boat cable. And the scene inside the boat, where Ceasar is in the water, was filmed in several shots, using both Chins (so both spend only a few minutes in the water). Both Chins were avid swimmers and the actors were well instructed in how to handle the dogs.

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